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Canva For Photographers - Best Investment in 2021

This years best investment in my list is Canva. This subscription base platform allows you to use and create content for branding and marketing. Utilizing this site allows you to have a more in depth design and aesthetic in your company look and feel. I use this service every day, on my PC, laptop and two cell phones. Having Canva on all of them, I can easily access it at anytime work on a portion of content, and continue it on the current device I'm on. Once I'm doing editing the content, I am ready to download and post.  This service has completely streamlined my workflow, and has saved me lots of expenses paying for a graphics designer. Having the complete control from start to finish, execution is a breeze. I am able to increase my services to clients with these new arsenal. Not only do I capture still images and videos - but now I have high quality looking designs they love. I did a YouTube video on this, and highly recommend Canva for any photographers out there looking t

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